Dog Boarding

Dog boarding can be an overwhelming experience for dogs and their humans.  At Dogs 24/7, we try hard to make it a good experience for both.  For our dog guests, they are not restricted in cages, they roam freely in big open rooms with other behaviorally approved dogs.  They are supervised 24 hours a day by experienced dog behaviorists.

Dog Day Care

Our Dog Day Care programs are all about fun!  We are the leaders in dog day care throughout the Phoenix-Metro area.  Our staff loves making the day care experience fun and interactive with many fun events and lots of social sharing.

Dog Grooming

Our dog grooming staff has extensive experience in performing all AKC breeds.  We have discovered that dogs actually enjoy getting their grooms with us, because the environment is fun.


When we opened in 2009, we wanted to think of dogs first.  A Cage-Free Environment has translated into a stress-free environment for most dogs.

  1. We are cage-free 24 hours a day.
  2. We are open 24 hours a day.
  3. Our staff is trained in advanced dog behavior and body language.
  4. Our staff is trained and certified in dog CPR and first aide.
  5. We make it a fun, social experience for dogs and people.